“Plants naturally turn towards the sun, human beings towards being seen as they really are”.


Cathy Maljournal is an Integral Coach© and a Professional Trainer in communication and team work, drawing on 10 years in international business & marketing at Hewlett-Packard in France, Singapore, and in the Silicon Valley in the U.S. and on her deep interest in personal development and human relations. 


What Cathy is particularly passionate about in coaching and teaching is to help people touch their inner truth and unknown potential to actively participate to the richness of life. Truth is essential to each person and yet not always easy to get a sense of it.  


She speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish and she is learning a Universal language with the Enneagram that helps opening up paths to mutual understanding. The Enneagram helps us understand the limiting personality "box" each of us is in so that we can get out of our box or, at the very least, understand and enlarge the particular box that constrains us. Broadening our vision to the full spectrum of life’s possibilities, depth and richness brings us real freedom and deep joy. 


Gaining a sense of how we unknowingly and automatically constrain ourselves is of great importance in developing intimate relationships, in leading more productive and fulfilling lives and in unleashing our talents in our personal and professional life. 


Cathy was trained and certified in the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram with Helen Palmer and David Daniels Professional Training Program in Palo Alto as well as by Ginger Lapid-Bogda through the Enneagram in Business Training in 2009. She reinforced her personal and professional course by an Integral Coach© certification at New Ventures West in San Francisco in 2010.


After living in California for 14 years, and in India for 5 years where she developed her coaching practice in business and in education, she is now living in France.


She loves this journey and she hopes to share a part of it with you.


“With her great vision, creativity and warm heart, Cathy encourages all of us to find what is true and essential in a helpful and compassionate way". 


                                  David Daniels, co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program.

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